The following year my fiancée was accepted into the medical residency program at VCU - hence our username “Mapper and Doc” - so we packed our bags (and geocaching gear) and moved south to Richmond, Virginia.  I was forced to leave my government job with 15+ years of service, but this gave me the opportunity to finally start my own business, as well as feed the urge to jump back into my love of art - my original major in college. Now I was in full force creating designs and stocking merchandise for geocachers! 

Less than a year later with a full stock of inventory, I launched a web store called “The Simple Laugh” on April 27, 2010, which offered a very unique selection of gifts to please anyone from map enthusiasts to coffee lovers to geocachers.  I wanted to find that special buyer interest in the market.  Over the next few years, I sold many pewter coffee scoops, etched wine glasses, topographic mugs and other random items with entertaining designs that I created.  But in the end, the geocaching items overwhelmingly sold the best!  So we decided to tailor the web store specifically to the sport of geocaching and change the store name to something more recognizable to geocachers - “”, which launched on September 30, 2013 - for geocachers…by geocachers. Enjoy!

The History of Geoprovisions

In March of 2008, my fiancée and I planned a trip to Sedona, Arizona to hike the breathtaking red rocks.  The night before our adventure began she surprised me with my very first Garmin GPS receiver, maps of the area, topographic software, and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Geocaching”.  We had heard about geocaching and we were finally going to experience the sport while on vacation. (I was very excited since I was/am a nerd who worked for the Defense Mapping Agency - currently known as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - with my Masters Degree in Cartography.)  In the end, we fell in love with the sport, especially since it led us to places where never would have gone - undisturbed, tourist-less spots.  As we treasure hunted over the next year and searched for geocaching apparel to wear, we quickly discovered that there was a definite need for fun apparel for geocachers.  After all, nerds can be fashionable too!  So, I started sketching ideas for imprinting.

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